HFO LOGO NEWSLETTER 2AnastasiaGreetings to you our brothers and sisters, dear friends in Jesus Christ. It is last month of summer and this summer is full of all sorts of answers to prayers. In our letters we were sharing some prayer requests. And we know that many of you are praying for our ministry for the children and for our family.
Sometimes prayer is like a planted seed that will rise in due time. We are glad to share some of the answers to the prayers.

We were asking you to pray for our daughter Anastasia for her eyesight and that Russian doctors wanted to do surgery on the eyes. Many have responded to our needs sending letters with advices. It was such an encouragement to us but still we had doubts, because it is difficult to diagnose unless the doctor sees the patient. One answer came to us through our brother Mike Cantrell.

He has talked to his friend who is an ophthalmologist and lives not far from Atlanta, and he said he is ready to examine Nastya’s eyes. We were so glad, but we did not have enough money to fly to Atlanta. So a few months later Lord blesses us through the church in the city of Zeeland, who paid for our tickets to get to Atlanta and check Nastya’s eyes.

After doctor’s visit we were confirmed that the eye surgery is unnecessary. The doctor prescrubed a new glasses. We were told that her eyesight will fall and there is no way at the moment to stop the progression of myopia. The only possibility is lasik surgery when Nastya will be 18 years old.

Our whole family is so happy for God’s providing!Team


Summer camp was planned along with a team from San Antonio. Satan never sleeps and is always trying to bring problems and fears. Because of the conflict in the Ukraine team from US could cancel the trip. It was time to wait, to pray and to seek the will of the Father. After much prayer the trip to the camp did take place.
In the camp there were about 400 children and we were greeted very well. Friendships conquer fear.

The Lord showed us that no matter what the Russians and Americans could remain friends still. «For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places» (Ephesians 6:12).
OlyaWe spent a lot of time meeting with kids, playing games, helping children to see love of God who created every soul in the Universe.


Almost two years the young mother Olya with her son was waiting for their home. We have been sharing this need with you in our news letters asking to pray for this situation.

We went along with Olya in many government services. A lot of paperwork was done. There were three court sessions. Sometimes it was seemed that the bureaucratic wall is not possible to break, but by the grace of the Lord the blessing came. At the last court session the judge delivered the condemnation: to give a living space for young mother and her son. Glory to God!!! «In nothing be anxious, but in everything, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God» (Phil.4:6).

We are so thankful to God for each of you, for your petition, intercession and financial support. All your help has a great importance in our ministry!
May God be with you,
Yan & Nadya


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