Dear people whom I missed so very much! How I wish to see you face to face and talk and talk and talk.

Garden and Hearts

When looking at my garden still covered with snow it is hard to believe that there is life underneath. The counselors often just throw hands up because of the kids’ behavior , their attitude toward school, and discipline issues.

It takes time, sun (love) to let the new life burst out and change the atmosphere around with new aroma. I believe we all together put seeds in a new generation of people who love God and their children. He is the one who cares about needs of the ones who suffer.

Updates on Our Friends

My girl Nasty is 19 years old now. She is a pretty responsible and smart lady.
We keep visiting orphanages to build new bridges.

Nelly went to visit her sister in Holland for the whole month. Our Sasha delivered her second baby. She is a great mom. Her husband is not very healthy, so she has to take care of 2 kids mostly by herself.
We greatly appreciate how open your hearts are to love people who live on the other side of the Globe. The Earth is shaking, nations are shaking, but He loves people and keep things under control. He is Love.

~Marina Topoltsyeva

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