We where honored to help out with 3 Operation Christmas Child shoe-box distributions through our local church, in Gyergyoszentmiklos, Borszek, and a local Roma/Gypsy community. We where pleasantly surprised to find that it is a 12-part class series where the kids hear the Gospel and learn Bible stories. Several kids opened up, including a 10 year old girl who is a cancer patient in Borszek, and two siblings who asked for advice about nightmares. We were able to share how and why we pray. Jacob has been helping another church member deliver gifts and lessons among the Roma/Gypsy community, and even many of the adults are eager to attend the Bible lessons. These lessons are still ongoing, please pray that the seeds sown into these kids’ hearts take root and they come to salvation in Christ.

Our local pastor said about the above pictures, “I see a miracle.” Because long ago, the man leading this Bible presentation in the Roma/Gypsy camp used to be a Neo-Nazi. Since becoming a Christian, he now deeply loves Roma/Gypsies. Years ago, he used to make comments about turning Gypsy kids into soap, but now he spends his free time pursuing them with the love of Christ! Hallelujah! He and his family have been a great blessing to us as we joined this local church and we praise God for the opportunities of fellowship and serving our Lord side-by-side.

Karina Teaching English.

English Classes
English classes are continuing with the addition of a middle school class and adult conversational class. Later this month, I (Karina) will also volunteer by reading in English at the local city library. These classes have really taken off, with 16 kids that attended the last class. We hold most of the classes in our local church building, and the parents meet in a separate room.

Our local pastor expressed his gratitude that these classes are a great occasion for fellowship and for welcoming outsiders into the church, and he hopes this will be a great opportunity to build lasting connections with non-believers.

Jacob’s Language Class
If you remember, Jacob’s current language helper is a young guy, out of high school. He is currently looking for a full-time job, and soon will be unable to have classes. We are praying and searching for someone who can help Jacob finish his 24 month language program, someone available for 3-4 hours every weekday. I (Jacob) am committed to first gain fluency in this language to be as useful as possible for long-term ministry. Some days are very discouraging when my language progress is slower than I’d like, but I try to remind myself what it is for, and that winning the lost to Christ is easily worth this difficult investment. Please pray with us that l (Jacob) get connected with the right person to progress in Hungarian.

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