“…I have set before you life and death,  blessings and curses. Now choose life …” Dt. 30:19

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God’s love wins hearts of men and that’s a fact. We are pleased to share with you the joy!

Last Saturday, Olya (to read more Olya’s story click here ) she excepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and was baptized!

It has been six months since we met Olga. We were building relationships and doing Bible studies with her and Spirit of God formed a new heart in her. We remember the day when she decided to give her life to the Lord after study at our home. It was such a great day!

We are thankful to our God Father for His family, and for all you who pray and support the ministry for orphans.

The baptism was in our Russian local church. We were praising God, praying and rejoicing at the festive table together with Olga. On Sunday Olya first time participated in the Lord Supper as our sister in Christ. It was great excitement for many people in our church to greet the new sister.

Please pray for Olya:

to grow in Christ

for a baby boy in her womb to be developed by God healthy and strong

for her own place to live

➢ for all her financial needs to be covered since she has no income after when she was fired without any compensation.