I know it’s been awhile since we sent an update but we’ve just been extremely busy. If you’ve been keeping up with me via Facebook or other social media then you probably know why. But if you haven’t then let me fill you in.

After a summer filled with weddings, camps, conferences and seminars we finally found a few moments to rest and catch our breath. We were extremely blessed to spend our entire summer either serving, assisting, and pouring ourselves out. We lead many camps this years from our annual youth camp to roma kid’s camp, to kamyanytsa kid’s camp, and we even got to attend and assist with family camp at the end of the summer.

We enjoyed a conference specifically for Roma ministry workers in Hungary and the biannual Stoneworks conference in Odessa, Ukraine. While we were doing out best to instill the words of Christ into our kid’s and teens, we also had time to learn ourselves.

I remember at family camp it was the first time all summer I could truly worship with a heart wide open, not worrying or fussing about the plans or trying to organize anything. And the spirit moved and pulled and shook me.

All of this lead up to Thursday Octob4er 4th when Ruvim and I finally bonded our lives together before God and before our family and friends at a ceremony in the church that his mother pastors and that his father built, the church attached to the house Ruvim has lived in his whole life.

The ceremony was special to me specifically because we walked down the aisle to my late mother’s favorite song “Over the Rainbow” and we had a small picture of her tucked into my bouquet, and even though my family could not make it, I felt like they were there. We worshiped and prayed and pleaded that God would remain the center of our lives.

It was exciting to spend the night dancing with all of the little girls and laughing with my husband and my best friends. We are excited to see where God takes us from here. And as many have asked, no we are not moving to America. Our home, our hearts and most importantly our calling from God is here for now.

«Куди підеш ти, туди піду й я, а де житимеш ти, там житиму й я. Народ твій буде мій народ, а Бог твій мій Бог.» Рут 1:16

“Where you will go, I will go. And where you stay, there I will also stay. Your people will be my people and your God, my God.” Ruth 1:16

Our little family greets you with hearts full of love for all of you who have prayed most earnestly for us and stood by us through the years.

We love you, truly,

Ruvim & Haley Vuksta