unnamedThe Youth to Jesus program has been flourishing for a decade here in L’viv, Ukraine. Many youth have come to the Student Center for English lessons and stayed to hear about our Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Student Center was purchased four years ago and has undergone many renovations in order to provide a safe, clean and comfortable location for gatherings. The Student Canter hosts our English Club, Youth to Jesus worship, Pre-school, Bible studies, Church services and other community activities.

Because of the grace of God, we have expanded considerably in both the number of people served and activities offered. It is because of this blessing that we are seeking to expand our space.

The Student Center is located in an apartment in the center of the city but is only half of the apartment space. The other half of the apartment has been home to local Ukrainians for years, and they are ready and willing to sell their space. Sharing the space has been slightly difficult as our events encroach on their space, and their regular comings and goings invade our time as well.

unnamed (2)The tenants have been adamant about their price of $110,000 for the space. We have raised and saved $82,000 and are only $18,000 from our goal! An additional $30,000 is required to renovate the place and bring it up to code. The major problem being renovating the crumbling and molding ceiling.

The new space will allow for events to take place simultaneously, accommodate the growing needs and open our center up to hosting more events and activities, like a cinema night for the elderly. We hope to reach our goal of $110,000 to purchase the apartment before summer, and to utilize the summertime to work as a team on repairs, remodel and painting the space.

If you want to donate, you may do so

1) By check:

Stoneworks International, Inc.
PO Box 692175
San Antonio, TX 78269-2175
write “L’viv Church Expansion” on the memo line

2) Bill Pay

Ask your bank send a check to Stoneworks

3) Online

Visit our Support Page and choose “L’viv Church Expansion” from the drop-down menu.

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