IMG_0625My first month has been full of adventure and excitement: celebrating the birth of my dear friend’s daughter and learning how to fight off the flu when you can’t pronounce the name of the medicine you’re taking.

I spent Christmas in a small village where I felt the warmth of a Ukrainian family. We attended church every day, some times twice a day for three days. At first I thought this was strange but then realized how much emphasis was being stressed on “the reason for the season”–the birth of our savior.

After the holidays we were able to start up English club, teaching preschool, Pilgrims youth worship and even some private English lessons. The English club is open to the general public and is a great way for people to begin being connected in the church. We’ve talked about commonly used phrases, the state of Missouri and what Americans like to eat, besides burgers.

IMG_1142In preschool, we are following the book of Exodus. The preschool teachers Svetlana and Erika are teaching about how Moses came to know God’s heart and trust in His promises. I found this to be an interesting time for me as God is working on my trust in His promises to provide and care for me. In preschool I am trying to coordinate my English lessons with the Bible stories. This upcoming week the children will learn about the plagues in Egypt and the English names for locusts, flies, ants and other insects.

IMG_0626Working in the student center has been entertaining and a blessing. The community is loving and invited me in quickly. It’s been nice to catch up with friends I met on my first trip to Ukraine and to work together on chasing God’s plan for this city.

Prayer requests are for the hearts of those who come to English lessons to invest in the community and grow in faith. Prayers for the expansion of the church as we are working with our neighbors to buy their half of the apartment building that we are located in.

Praise for becoming well again, warmer weather and the newest edition to the St. John’s Church, baby Anna-Maria.