Here is an overview of our current activities.

By the terms oftugikodu 038 to our second grant, construction of the second group room and other rooms [offices and therapy rooms] are nicely started. This week the main work in the second group room are finished.

Next week, we plan to do cleaning work in groups and set up furniture and other things ready for work with children (in the first group).

We will arrange meetings with the families and children, we will start collect registration documents and prepare contracts (about services provided by the day center for the families).

The license acquisition has yet to overcome barriers. Noise levels of the ventilation system are above the standards. At the same time we will not need ventilation for 10 children working at full capacity. Now the ventilation installers have to make more measurements and documentation for health department.

tugikodu 033Next week I will discuss about time schedule of our first grant with consultant from the Fund. Our start date has been delayed because of the process of license. We will make new time schedule and some extra documents explaining the delay.

Preparatory activities are going well. We’ve had meetings with social workers, initial meetings with families, a round-table of experts, and different articles have been published in the press. We did a presentation about Sunbeam with Artur to the leadership of the Methodist church in Tallinn. We have introduced our work in different seminars and meetings.

Team formation is going well: one worker is experienced working in kindergarten, she is motivated to develop deeper and personalized approach to children; she is religious, previously engaged in youth work in church.

tugikodu 006Another worker – a young woman with pedagogical education, will go through basic training about childcare in April and currently participates in the work at the Sillamäe day care center for practical experience.

I also met with John Neese [director of SAC ministry], we discussed the work organization of a volunteer who will arrive this summer.

We have been invited to participate as partners in the interesting project. Local school children will prepare school lessons and teaching materials, games, crafts for our children to use in our center. One idea is that they can grow flowers that can be planted in the spring with our children in flower boxes in front of our center. This will be a good co-work between school children and our (children) center.

We have a variety of ideas for cooperation, we are on a list and different schools can contact us for cooperation and joint projects to offer.