This may not look like much, but we hope this is where we will build a center for disabled children in Jõhvi, Estonia.  The mayor has offered us this lot of land and will present his proposal to the city council next month. The municipal government is very supportive and many people in the community are ready to help.

Right now, the vacant lot is a jumble of earth and snow, but it is in a very good location very near the city center on good roads.

I am meeting with government officials, the architect, ministry leaders and various advisers. Today Andres Toome (the architect) and I visited a center for NGOs and received advice about the best legal structure to use. We also talked through preliminary plans for the building. Over the next two weeks, we’ll prepare a charter and file to found the organization. Artur Pold is taking a leading role in getting the ball rolling.

It’s great to see things taking shape, and we hope to start building this summer. Please pray that we’ll walk in God’s time and ‘lean not on our own understanding’.