Yura Belonozhkin reports:

A couple of days ago we returned from our expedition across Varanger Peninsula in Norway. I’m still in Vadso, Norway, waiting to go to the Barentz Region Prayer Conference in Lakselv, Norway, which will start on Friday. I’m using these days to complete the program for our August Men’s Camp in Murmansk Region.

Our trip went well. We were 5 men, all from different towns of Murmansk Region. Vitaly from Nickel, Misha from Monchegorsk, Boris and Egor from Zelenoborsky, and me from Polarny. Everything went on the schedule. The weather in the morning of our departure was terrible – rain and strong fog. But at the moment we stepped on the path, the sky cleared and mostly all the way the weather was good.

We spent 4 great days in fellowship, beholding amazing God’s creation. To tell the truth, it wasn’t hard enough, as I expected, and actually hoped, but anyway, it was good. On Wednesday evening, when we just arrived in Vadso, we participated in Vadso Church Wednesday night meeting. Told about our ministry, the guys shared their testimonies.

The day we arrived from our hike (that was Sunday) I preached in that church. That was fun. Half an hour after we forced our bodies upstairs to the rooms we stayed in and just took showers, pastor Max came and told me I was preaching at the church service in 30 minutes! What could I say? I walked downstairs to the church hall and preached for 30 minutes in zombie-like condition. Well, it’s been blessed time!