We’re getting more news about the bus accident and the children from #8:

From Sergei Tovstopyat:

Today at 10 am, I talked to the director Tatyana Alexeyevna.

At the moment, three children are in serious condition at a hospital in Cherepovets. Five children have already been delivered to the orphanage and ten children arrive tomorrow.

At this point in the orphanage there are round the clock, psychologists and doctors. The Ministry of Education is providing psychological support. All expenses are being covered by the administration of the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg.

Tatiana is very grateful for all the prayers and words of support and offered to keep in touch, just in case they ever need it.

Tomorrow I find out which day of the funeral, Tatiana invited everyone who knew the workers who died.

From Liz Sukhovskaya:

Galina Nikolaevna (#8 counselor) just called me. She and another counselor (Irina Grigorievna) traveled to the hospital to be with the injured. Some have been sent back to St. P. but others are still in Cherepovetz. The injured are in all different emotional/physical states.

Galina said the hospital is taking good care of them, Praise the Lord. I told her we’re praying. And she wanted to make sure any friends of #8 knew what was going on.

I haven’t heard of any specific needs. As you know, the driver lost his life as well. I recognized him from some photos people posted. Another beloved member of the orphanage family.

 Justin Mosely:

There’s more news now. it wasn’t the freight truck’s fault. there was another car that hit the truck, which sent the truck into an on-coming lane and hit the bus. they say that the driver of the smaller car was a police worker who was going on a meeting somewhere in vologda. he is still alive with minor bruising and a few broken bones.