IMG_1991The second month here flew by faster than I could grab it. More kids have come in and out of the preschool program. We teach in L’viv and the small suburb town of Vynnystky. The children are moving right on to learning the Ten Commandments as well as numbers, landmarks and the names of family members. We are looking forward to the Easter holidays and teaching of God’s great love for us in his son’s sacrifice and resurrection.

English Club continues to grow as more students are excited to speak with a native speaker. We are working on new ways to reach more students. I spent some time in a ninth grade classroom, comparing life in Ukraine to life in the United States. Pastor Volodya and I are planning on taking a weekly meal at the university down the street to mingle with students and get them interested in our English program that is just a block away.

Some members from the Pilgrims worship and I went to a nursing home that serves the entire L’viv region. We played an older Russian movie on our projector for the people. It was a lot of laughs and enjoying community time with residents of the Nursing home.

In Uhzgorod I was happy to visit a Roma village and see the church there. They are continuing to lay the floor inside the church that provides services for the entire village.

IMG_1990I was also able to visit a small church in the neighboring village of Perechin where I spoke at the church. It was nice to see how the larger churches reach out to the small villages and towns to provide worship services, sermons and support in whatever way the community has needs.

New opportunities are coming our way as we welcome a second missionary from Texas, named Joey. I will also be leading an all English small group and working more with ministry inside the schools.

I would like to include prayer requests for the Student Center. We are hoping to expand the center and provide more space for the various activities offered. Prayers for guidance as I begin to lead an all English small group and continued prayers for the hearts of those who we reach out to, whether it be in English lessons, worship service or just a movie night at the nursing home.

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