We had a warm and sunny autumn which is really unusual for St.Petersburg. We desired to use properly this little gift from God and went for a picnic with several orphan graduates. Such activities help to strengthen friendship and give an opportunity to share Christian faith, love and care. Pictures say probably brighter than I can express in words the wonderful atmosphere of joy and fellowship.


REMONT VMESTEWe actually finished repairs in a flat for a young mother Olya and her sister Natasha, which lasted six weeks. There are still minor little things that need to be finished, but it is possible to live in the flat right now.

We can not hire workers to do the repair (just do not have funds for that). Repairs had to be done by me and other volunteers, young men from church and graduates of orphanages. Max and Yuri helped me the most. It’s so nice to see that they have a desire to serve others, giving glory to God. It helped them to gain useful life skills as well.

One of our goals is to teach orphan graduates to learn budgeting and to spend money Наташаwisely, highlighting the primary and secondary needs. Before we started the repair, I had talked to Natasha, Olya’s sister about expenses for this project. Natasha is working and could put aside some money to cover some costs of the repair. She did a good job saving money from her salary for two months and we used them to buy a new window for their living room.

Also our church gave 300$ to help covering needs for the repair. Before this flat was filthy and dirty with ruined floors, windows and doors. Now there is a new floor, clean ceiling and walls, nice doors. Girls had no furniture, no kitchen, nothing to live there. 

Now they have a small couch, two cabinets, a fridge, a microwave, a washing machine, a table, chairs. Most of it was donated by Russian brothers and sisters. We are so blessed to see God at work! We are so thankful for a privilege to serve with you in Jesus name! Your prayers and participation make difference in the life of an others, and for some of these young people it is a step towards the Light.