Team with Orphans

We spent two weeks in a camp “Druznikh” with team of Christians from San Antonio, Oak Hill church.

The camp is located near the Gulf of Finland, a very beautiful place. The camp hosts more then 600 wonderful kids and teens, and 60 of them are orphans.

The great desire of our team was to show children the love of God who created all things in the universe. Every day we visited three to four groups – approximately 100-120 children and a group of orphan kids as well. The children welcomed us with joy, they had great interest to talk with our team and to ask different questions. We had a lot of fun time with kids and orphans, telling stories, playing games and doing crafts.

Sining songs with kids

With one of the groups we spent an evening with candle-lights where we were singing Christian songs together with kids. The atmosphere was very friendly, some children and counselors were asking questions about God and our personal faith. We were thrilled to have such an opportunity to share with them how great and wonderful God our Father is!

Please pray with us that the seeds sown in the hearts of people could come up and bear a wonderful fruit for His glory!


Especially for Max from orphanage #7, he graduates this year and will have an opportunity to come for our Bible studies and Life Skills lessons.

Praise the Lord for Yura and his desire to give his life to Christ! He wants to be baptized and this Saturday we are going to Elama camp for Yan to baptize him in a lake. Please pray for him to stay strong among a lot of temptations of this world and follow God’s call.

Pray with us for Olya, Marina‘s friend, for her to have strong desire to get to know God and to become His beloved child. Her and her sister come to us to hear God’s word and want to come to our church on a regular basic.

For people who would like to be a part of our team to work with orphan graduates. Please pray for Oksana, for Tolya and his wife Sasha, for Sergey and his wife Sasha to follow God’s call working with orphans, for God to make a strong team serving Him according gifts we have from Him.


Yan is planning to come to US to visit God’s family who already are involved in His ministry in Russia and to meet new people and churches.

Pray that God will take care all preparation and financial covering for this trip. Pray for Yan to be a real God’s ambassador.

Please pray for our fundraising process, we are underfunded right now for 75%.

May God’s power be with you!

                                                                                                                                         IF GOD LEADS YOU TO SUPPORT