Max & Me « …He who has compassion on them will guide them and lead them beside springs of water»  Isaiah 49:10

This summer we had ministry in camp among orphans with team from Oak Hill Church. We met young boy Maxim. He is 17 years old and he had a very difficult childhood, because his family members are drug addicted.

After the camp we continued to build friendly relations with him. He has graduated from the orphanage already. And he was faced one-on-one with question – where to study? How to live as a young adult? He asked advise from us. We find out that he wanted to be a chef.

Actually, he did not file his papers in to any technical school. He did not know how to do it and was Pastor pray for Maxconfused and depressed. We responded to his need and began to pray and look for a place to study. During the month we found a tech school that has taken him to study.

And if he will study well, after 3 years he can enter to the university. Now he is studying and so glad for it. Praise God that He let us meet Maxim and we can witness about His mercy and unconditional love! Max has a desire to study the Bible and learn more about God.

Last Sunday we invited Max to a Christian music festival. It was good atmosphere, many young Christians (about 800) were worshiping and Word of God was preached. After a sermon pastor asked: who want to follow Jesus? Max raised his hand and went up front with several young people. The whole assembly prayed for them. We are praising God! It was a great evening. First small step in faith has done and we will help Maxim to grow in Jesus.

Olya and NadyaAlso we have met Olya (24 years) – single mom is expecting a baby. She graduated from orphanage several years ago.

She was not given yet a promised by the state place to live after an orphanage. By Russian law, as soon as an orphan turns 23 years old, he is considered not an orphan anymore and after that state does not have any responsibilities anymore to give them anything. She currently lives with her sister. Through friends Olya found a lawyer who wants to help her to own a living space.

While Olga lived in an orphanage sometimes Christians from Finland visited her orphanage and talked about God. She believe that God exists, but she never read Bible before and didn’t know who Jesus is. One orphan graduate we work with told her to get to know us if she wants to know more about Jesus. We began to meet and build our friendship with her witnessing  about Jesus Christ and hope that God will help to change Olya’s life. She wants to be a good mom and comes on a regular basic to see Nadya and to learn about pregnancy and child care.

Please Pray

  • for Maxim’s heart that he grow in Christ, for his study, for his mom that she become to know Jesus

  • for Olya that she devoted her life to the Jesus Christ; for Olya’s baby and her sister Natasha