Alina Pizhova is foster parenting two children. Even though their life is hard right now, their faith is growing. Here is good update from Alina —

Hello Dear Friends!

I would like to thank everyone for the prayer and for the support! God is doing miracles! I would like to share our testimony here and to thank everyone!

In September we got a onetime allowance from the government for fostered children. We were able to pay for the rent for September and October and to buy what we needed for school and other necessities. I have tried to manage the situation in order to be able to pay the rent for November, but we had unforeseen expenses, I was ill and had to buy some medicine, and besides that the onetime allowance we got from the government was less we had thought it would be.

The time to pay the rent came closer and I was praying and sent the request to my friends. There was no sum of money to pay the rent for November. I got more and more anxious and discouraged, but I was praying and trusted God.

Usually we pay the rent on the 6th it was Sunday that is why we put it off until Monday the 7th. On the 7th there was no money either and I decided to talk to the landlady and put it off until the 8th (in our agreement the dates to pay the rent are from the 4th to 8th of every month). So I had one day to spare.

Also at the beginning of each month I need to do some other payments like to pay for additional classes for Nastya and Danik (it is about $35 – $50 for each of them) and we didn’t have them either. I decided that kids should get the investment first , besides there was not enough money to pay the flat anyway. So I went to pay the communal bill that we have to pay in addition for the rent and I paid for classes.

In the evening on the 7th there was still no money and on the way home I called Anya and shared with here my frustrations. When I came home Nastya was just returned from dance classes and was going to watch cartoons and I joined her taking the phone with me, thinking I have to call my friend and ask to lend me the money.

When I took the phone I saw an sms massage that said that somebody had offered the money for us. With this sum of money we were able to add to the rent and to pay for Danok’s classes we even had a little left to buy some food. On the 8th of November I was able to pay the rent! Praise God!

I thank Him for His continued faithfulness! I am very thankful to those people who send the offering to us! I even do not know who it was but I am thankful! May God blesses you. Thank you very much to everyone who prayed for us and encouraged us, without you support and Prayers we wouldn’t make it!

Yours Alina, Danik and Anastasia

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