the first year they've metMIR, in partnership with Stoneworks, is helping Alina as she becomes a foster parent.

Alina participated in MIR’s New Family program a few years ago. Alina is partially supported by donors in the US, a family that hosted these children as part of MIR’s hosting program. Stoneworks helped build the connection between the US donors and Alina.

This is one example of how we help others do what God is calling them to do.

Here is a note from Alina:

Alina and kids 2009My name is Alina. I work at a movie animation studio. I’m a Christian. God put on my heart to take part in the lives of orphans.

In 2008 I met three children (two brothers and a sister) and I began to take them on weekends and holidays from the orphanage to my home. [The picture at top left is from one of their first meetings.]

They have a mother, but she has a schizophrenia; she visits them, but they cannot live together.

I want to arrange care for the two younger children, to take them into my home. The older boy turns 18 soon and it isn’t possible for him legally to be a foster child.

rollerscating 2009We have become very close to each other and now we are like family. God blesses me so and gives insight into how to build relationships with teenagers and how to help them in the process to growing up. We love each other.

I believe it’s a miracle and a great blessing from God that the staff of the orphanage opened their heart for these relationships, they did not hinder our acquaintance and they support our fellowship for these past three years.

With the children we attend a church, go to movies, go boating, learn to cook, do homework, read the Bible and much more.

This gives children a sense of family life, that they are loved and cared for.

Nastia was born in 1998. She is a very nice and talented girl. She loves to draw, sing and dance. My friend gives her piano lessons at the church we attend.

on the subwayDaniel was born 1996. He’s a very sweet boy. He studies physics and mathematics, almost perfectly. He loves the Lord. When we first met, he repeatedly told me that they have didn’t have any relationship with God, so I began to take him to church. I feel a special anointing on it. Now he tells his friends about God. He, like Nastia, draws very well and sings, and loves pets.

Nikita is the eldest, born in 1993. He attends the same physico-mathematical lyceum, preparing to go to university to study physics. He loves to play sports. I pray for his spiritual growth, and that God would give him faithful friends.