gyspsy-church-005Our first day working in our new Children’s Ministry in the gypsy village was fun-filled and packed with Jesus!

Ruvim and I left the house and began shopping for supplies, snacks and stickers for the kids. On the way we prayed in the car for God to lead us into teaching because we were not sure what to expect.

Many of the children had to be in school (we were excited to hear kids were actually going to school) and we were not sure if we should plan for 2, or 20 kids. God seemed to be leaning towards 20, and that was exactly how many we had. Ruvim was a little nervous to be leading and interpreting, but with God’s help he was a natural, and got the kids pumped up to know more about God.

We began by introducing ourselves, and thanking them for letting us come to their village and church. Next we prayed, taught them some songs and motions (Jesus Loves the Little Children, If you’re Happy and you Know It, He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands). Then I taught the story of creation, and reminded them of how important it is to rest.

gyspsy-church-002Ruvim was feeling very unwell but still got up and excited to interpret the story. He led the worship songs, taught the hand motions and we were able to ask some kids to help us lead.

Afterward, we broke out the paints and paper and we helped them paint each day of creation in a separate circle. Generally the kids do not have the opportunity or means to paint. It was fun to see how they remembered each day, and how they interpreted what was said into pictures.

After some time we cleaned up, thanked the kids and started handing out little pastries, juice, stickers and candy. The pastor prayed over all of us, and then it was time to say goodbye.

We immediately saw a need for supplies and equipment. The church does not have many chairs, it does not have tables, trash cans, or accessible water.

If you have any questions, I would love to answer. It was a really wonderful experience.

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