Hello all stoneworks friends –

I want to thank the lord Jesus and all who pray and seek his face to further the kingdom of God here in Romania and all the places where you live.

During the summer here in Romania it has been busy as usual, with ministry to a kid’s group in Secuieni village doing games, Bible dramas, food and a trip to the zoo.

Bible study and prayer times have resumed in Eliseni village, and blessed times of washing each others feet and seeking times of refreshment and staying humble before the Lord has been more so in the last times. Also, building the new toilet block is a continued building project there.

I’ve had the blessing of receiving a lot of solar lamps to bless poor homes with no electric.

Though building work is slower for me <in the sense I’m moving slower> the request and need for homes for needy families living outside still come before me, and actually it’s Hodu who has been with me since 2006 who is picking up the baton of showing me where a home is needed, and as we have prayed the Lord has been providing for these needy families.

Hodu has also started in faith a church in his courtyard and over 35 people are coming, praise the lord

We are just starting these projects going in to autumn 2019: Sharing God’s word, and praying for the sick is a  honour and joy to see on a almost daily basis, also seeing others in Christ praying for the sick and most are seeing God heal from so many different pains and problems, This has led to some coming to Christ.

I was talking to a Dutch couple on the street of Sighisoara. We sat down on a street bench and a poor old lady sat down asking for money for medicine for stomach pain and a swollen gland. I asked if she believed Jesus could heal her and if she would like prayer. She said yes, she did believe and would like prayer, so after praying for both sicknesses she said with a big smile she had no more pain. Then I asked if she would like to receive Jesus as her personal savoiur; she said yes. So after praying she said she felt so clean and new.

I’d not talked much to my Dutch friends but we moved to eat down the street and the lady came and joined us for sausage and chips, she was used to begging and being ignored, but today she was our guest and new sister in Christ. Lastly, she said “pray for me again please.” I asked why, and she said, “its just so good when I’m prayed for.” So we did pray a blessing over her.

Many more things happen for God’s glory and many believers are stepping out to pray for the sick and lead people to Jesus, praise the Lord.

I had some wonderful times was with an Australian couple Ion and Margot, both in the UK and in Romania,  and with Michael, Olga and Valerie Cantrell, ministering in the local villages.

A couples retreat was recently organized by a Baptist church from Alabama together with Romanian Baptist church, and through long term relationships we were invited and enjoyed the fellowship and good teaching. Thank you lord Jesus for your goodness to us

I will stop there, but again thank you all for your love and partnering in the Lord’s work with us and those around us.

Love in Christ from David, Rodica and Sabrina Mcguire

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