We are very happy to welcome Yura Belonozhkin into the Stoneworks family. Yura, his wife Masha and their children live above the arctic circle; he told me today that the sun will rise on January 20th! He does great work, and we’re very glad to have him as a part of our team.

Board member Larry Heller makes the introduction:

Yura has been interpreting and ministering with American short-term mission teams to Russia continuously since 2000. About five years ago, Yura, his wife Masha and their two young boys were commissioned by their church in St. Petersburg to go to the northernmost reaches of Russia – to the region near Murmansk.

Yura, 2nd from R, with a short-term mission team from San Antonio

His church discontinued support less than a year later, but he continued on, being convicted about the need and encouraged by the fruit of the work. Part of his ministry now is to the men in this remote place. Without Jesus, many of the men are (or will soon become) drug addicted and without hope.

Yura has been translating into Russian a CD audio series about men taking leadership in their families and presenting it to the men. (The Quest for authentic Manhood, by Robert Lewis.) Attendance grows steadily.

A growing part of Yura’s ministry is organizing and mobilizing men’s spiritual retreats. Yura sets the agenda, makes the logistical arrangements, lines up the speakers and teachers (often in partnership with Swedish pastors) and commits the event to prayer.

The Lord continues to increase our ministry through the relationships that He ordains. We are very happy that Yura and his family are being set as living stones with us. You can support his work by visiting our Support page and choosing Far Northern Russia from the drop down menu.