Stoneworks is very glad to introduce our newest board member, Bert (Roberta) Ficke. Bert is a perfect fit in our ministry, and we are honored to have her join us. Here she writes about herself and sense of calling: 

fickeI have had a passion for Russia and the peoples of Russia since I was in high school. I took Russian language in HS and at UC Berkeley in hopes of some day using it in a constructive way.  My opportunity did not arrive until about 2001 when we were attending a Methodist Church in San Antonio. I joined a short term mission trip with my church and afterwards was looking for opportunities to serve on other teams to this area. Although reticent to leave my family, God showed me in a clear way that I was being called to go on that first trip. Since then I have taken all 3 of my children and my husband on mission trips to Russia.

My daughter has also developed a passion for Russia and is doing graduate level coursework related to this interest. I was privileged to come into contact with the Oak Hills teams and serve with them and partly through that contact I was asked to be on the Board for Russia Family Homes (RFH). Supporting the need for teaching family values and demonstrating a Christian life to orphans is a challenging and fulfilling mission. I have been blessed by the interactions with the children and adults with whom I have become acquainted through this ministry.  I try to keep in touch via email, Facebook and V Kontackte with friends and Family Home related individuals in Russia.  I wouldn’t be able to devote so much time, energy and finances to this ministry if it weren’t for a very supportive husband. He is definitely my partner in this endeavor.

In our local church home I am an active member of the Global Outreach team which has oversight of missionaries that Hunt Valley Church supports. After getting a college level certificate from the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course 1 year ago I was invited to join this team and I felt it meshed well with my interests in international communities.  I will be serving on the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course this spring as the Instructor Care volunteer.  My husband and I are  regular attendees at Hunt Valley Church(Presbyterian) and meet in weekly Bible study with other members of our church.

I also support my husband’s position as Director of the Department of Orthopaedics at Johns Hopkins. He has numerous social obligations  which require my assistance and participation.  Although our 3 children are adults/students, they require parental help for various things on a regular basis and since they don’t live close I am happily interacting with them often, or meeting them in different places.

God has blessed our family in innumerable ways. He has grown my faith tremendously through answering his call to go to Russia and surrounding areas. I listen for his call to step up should this be another avenue where I can serve as his hands and feet.

In His service,

Roberta Ficke MD