Liz Sukhovskaya writes:

I had an epiphany today about Russian bureaucracy…it’s like having a cold! As the joke goes, if you treat a cold, it will only last about 7 days, but if you leave it alone, it will take a whole week!

The same goes with trying to get something done here. You could struggle through, taking a lot of wrong turns, using trial and error, and it will take you “x” amount of time. OR you could start way in advance, do your research, use what seems like the best method, and it will STILL take you “x” amount of time. And by “x” amount of time I mean you will finish it in the Eleventh Hour, just before the bank closes or your visa expires, or your plane takes off, or the office closes for the weekend, etc…..

And by “you,” I’m talking about myself, of course.

Oh, and just like a shot of antibiotics sometimes gets the recovery moving faster, well, it helps to have some connections. There is always a back door or side door or trap door that will suddenly take you down the express route.

I KNOW that God operates outside of all these restrictions. But I also know that I’m not so bad at planning, and that these things really are all beyond my control. So I have to let go a little and not try to be in the driver’s seat all the time.