We do conferences for men every year – 1st weekend of December, the official beginning of the Arctic Night. In reality the night starts a week or two earlier – depending on the weather, but on the Murmansk latitude the Sun quits showing up on Dec 4th.  And that is the best time to do something traditional – indoors. We don’t do indoor events very often. Actually, this is our only big indoor event in the year.  But we are happy to use this time God has provided for us to stay together in the room for almost 2 days, to worship together, to listen to the Word, to chat with old friends till 2 AM… This is good time.

This year, as always, we invited Pastor Sergey Latyshev from Arkhangelsk to lead worship. We have been inviting him since the very first time, and we have been blessed by the Lord through his ministry. This time he came with all his band.  We all enjoyed the presence of the Lord during worship time.

We also invited our friend Boimah Max Yekee, a pastor from Vadso, a Norwegian town where we started a group for men.  He took his friend, a pastor from Kirkenes, the closest Norwegian town to Russian border. They both shared a word with us, Max – with African passion and energy, Georg, the pastor from Kirkenes – with Norwegian intellect, peacefulness and great openness, which was appreciated by all.

This was the 1st time Max traveled to Russia, and he had to fight his fears.  He was very much afraid of Russia, so we have been praying for him for almost 2 years, and finally he overcame his fear and came!  Another Max, a pastor From Kirovsk, a town 300 km south from us, in Murmansk Region, came and taught about family relationships, about being a husband. He is not only a pastor, he is a professional psychologist.

Over 60 men attended the conference. We had great time, it was a good end of the year!

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