From our own Liz Hulley —

The first interesting thing about going to Moscow in February…

…is that I spent Valentine’s Day on a train with my fiance.

Well, sort of. We were headed to Moscow to do paperwork, and it was already 11pm when our train departed. We had “platzkart” tickets (see details here), and that meant bunkbeds in an open cabin.

I had traveled platzkart to Moscow by myself before, but this time I had Andrey to protect me, drink tea with me, and tuck me in before getting into his own bunk.

Valentine’s Day is usually referred to in Russia as “Lovers’ Day.” In the past I would wish people a “Happy Valentine’s Day” and they didn’t really get it. They would ask me, “Have you found someone?” It wasn’t the same holiday I knew from home that was full of chocolate, conversation hearts, and movie night with the girls.  But this year, I fit the Russian description.