I’m back home from my third semester at the Seminary. Arrived home last night, today is my first day after classes, and finally I have time and can focus on writing something)))

The Lord has been taking me through many things these months, but now I will share what happened during those last 2 weeks.

studying greekThe semester we had now was very difficult. We studied Greek, Systematic Theology and Creationism. It all was difficult, especially Greek, but very, very interesting and useful. In fact, there were so many classes and they were so hard, that I barely had a chance to do something else, or even think about anything else other than studies.

I appreciate this time in Moscow, because I meet a lot of people. Professors, other students, ministers from different churches. Many of our students are pastors and ministers.

One of my roommates, his name is Igor, was a pastor from Obninsk, the city where my father lives. And God is good! This man is a retired officer, he served in the Navy in the North, and his church rents a hall in the same building where my father rents his office! Isn’t that cool??? Igor is very interested to meet my father, and my father doesn’t mind! They have a lot to talk about – the service in the Navy, the life in the North, the faith in Jesus Christ! I do believe God is reaching my father now. When I visited him this time, we spent hours talking about God, salvation and faith.

arildI also could spend some time outside the Seminary, and it was not in vain. I met a very interesting man (another long story HOW I met him!), Anton. He lives in Moscow with his wife and 10 year old daughter. He is a musician and a missionary at heart. His job is a coach. He teaches men how to fight. Literally. He runs a historical club, where he teaches how to fight swords, spears, how to wear and use armor. Apart of everything else, we discussed the future of the ministry for men in Russia. He has an approach very new to me. Together we have developed some strategy for the ministry russianwide. Now I have really much work to develop those ideas into certain goals and specify particular steps to reach them.

It looks that Anton is on board now! He is about to move to be a missionary in Bulgaria, but he will be often here in Russia. This May he is planning to visit us here in the North, and participate in our ski trip. In October we are planning a camp for men in Bulgaria. It is possible that we as a family will be involved in the work in Bulgaria for some time. We are praying about that to see what the Lord means through all that.

Right now I’m preparing to go to the Rehab for a few days to teach, but also to record video for the video program to upload to our Russian website. The next thing I do this month – a short tour around northern Norwegian cities. We will do that together with Marius, my friend and a part of our Norwegian team. We will visit possibly five towns in Finnmark, will meet with the men there and invite them to the Base Camp. Also there’s a lot of preparation work for the Tundra Camp in Russia in August. Many men are interested, and many are planning to come from other parts of Russia.

So, I’m back home, and ready to work!

May God bless you abundantly and fill your life with his mercy and grace!

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