christmasI see my “ministry” as daily life with those who are around me.  Every day I am amazed at how much God’s vision and trust is beyond what I can even dream about.

Before I came to live in the village of Semkovo I had promised to God that my flat will serve Him. In my mind I pictured it as a place for a deep Bible study time where people would discuss the various aspects of spiritual life.

But suddenly I became surrounded by my little friends who immediately wanted to see what my place looked like on the inside, to touch everything with their little fingers and even to play hide and the seek in my things which were so conveniently piled in different places with no furniture yet.  Ohhh… I will just say that it was not what I expected. At all.

kidsI choose to believe that God had this plan for us all.  He had prepared everything for us in advance and gathered everyone together for this time.

And even now I cannot say that I am completely and always ready for all the numerous visits any time I am home. But I open the door of my place and the door of my heart (sometimes these may switch in order) and I must admit that it happens often when I first let my visitors in and only then God touches my heart when I see in their eyes the desire to be welcomed, loved and accepted. Then I realize I simply cannot give WHAT they so much long for.

061And here I am so thankful for the local church that is there for us. It is a small village church with eight adults and the number of kids that is two times more and continues to grow. This is the place where we get spiritual food and growth. Whereas at my place we learn how to cook food and have a meal together, do school homework, take showers, wash clothes and just …live and grow day by day.

If I wanted to describe one day of our life it would look  something like this : kids came from school, then quarreled and fought on something very important , then made peace, then fought and quarreled again, then made peace until the next issue arises (which usually takes just a few minutes ) and so on…

I mostly thankful that in the midst of all this we find Life, Peace, Joy, Hope and the Future for each and everyone.

With Love in Christ,