John has been going out to Elama with Sergei more often to work on getting the camp ready for the Georgia team. The Georgia team will be helping build a couple of buildings on the property.

I know the kids that use the camp will be grateful for all the hard work that has been put in. We are excited to see such progress happen.

Fireplaces have been built, bricks hauled, grass mowed, bottles trashed, doors installed, rooms cleaned, places painted and much more!

Our family will be going out to stay with the team for a few days.

Karen is looking forward to cooking for 18+ people on a gas stove 3 times a day! This should be interesting!

The kids love going out to the camp grounds and are excited to be able to stay over night there too.

We are wrapping up language lessons-Russian and English, Family Fellowship at our church and the girls’ and boys’ school altogether as we prepare to go to Texas in June.

We do not know what the Lord has in store for us next, but we know He has always guided our paths before and He will be faithful to do it again.

Life is an adventure!