DSCN4554I recently attended a conference in Kristiansand. It is on the very Southern tip of Norway. That area is a kind of “Bible belt” of Norway.

There were about 400 men from all over the country, except Finnmark. I was a sort of representative from Finnmark. 🙂

It was a very well organized event, it was broadcasted over the National TV.

DSCN4560The worship band was perfect, speakers were different. One was the man who invited me, from Tromso. The other was from local team, a 28 year old very well-educated guy. And also there was a pastor from Mozambique. Very emotional.

It was all very good, it was encouraging to see over 400 men together worshipping and praying.

I met men in Norway involved into men’s ministry. I got to know better the men I already was acquainted to. We scheduled a men’s retreat/conference in Tromso for July 2015. Way far, but it looks that it’s the most appropriate time for that place and that purpose.