Thanks and praise:

DSCN2341-We’re back safely from summer travels and ready for action!

-Liz received permanent residency in St. Petersburg; no trouble from Immigration

-Andrei has a new teaching opportunity at an alternative café-style youth hangout, where he can interact with students in a slightly less formal environment than the university

-Postage stamps and Bibles were purchased for the children in Nina’s Bible correspondence school, in time for the new school year

Prayer requests:

-For Andrei’s work situation; balancing ministry goals and personal interests with making a living. Direction for future research in his cultural anthropology field.

-For God’s leading in prioritizing our ministry goals in our family, local church, and onward to St. Petersburg and the world.

-For opportunities to be salt and light in our daily life, including at the governmental offices which we have to visit often for bureaucratic purposes.

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