suvi 2013 001Our team has added new members, good-hearted teachers Luyve and Mary, as well as volunteer Terje. Last week we spent a fun day with our first child, Laura. In the first group of our center we are ready to provide day care to 7 to 10 children with severe and profound disabilities.

Edifying lessons about care and support:

Last March at the training seminar we found out about the possibilities of the “Entrepreneurial School”. Our center was invited to join the active network of schools and kindergartens, that help to implement a variety of joint projects to develop entrepreneurship in children.

As a part of this project, together with a counselor of Kohtla-Jarve kindergarden “KirjuMirju” named Külli we decided to plant flowers in the yard of the center.

suvi 2013 034To do this, all throughout the spring the kids have been growing the plants they started from a seed, happily taking care of them. (Thus, each received an invaluable lesson that any kind of work should be done in such a way so that from a small seed could emerge and flourish a beautiful flower.)

On the afternoon of June 12 our courtyard was filled with the voices of children, parents, teachers and employees of the center. Everyone worked together to put the plants in flower pots. When the work was finished, the guests had the opportunity to tour the center, and the children were offered pretzels and fruit, and a chance to have fun in the group room.

We were very happy with our young guests! We hope that the desire to do good was born in their hearts and in the future we will again be able to make something beautiful together.

Many thanks to all participants and helpers!