matk-053Everyone knows how curious kids are and how much they love to discover the world around them. And playing games is of course the best way to do it. So our team comes up with many ideas of the things we can do together with them. We decided not to be limited by the boundaries of our center, and while the weather allowed we made to field trips.

On August 5th we went to the mining hills just outside to Jõhvi. It was a very exiting trip. All of us climbed the hills together helping the ones who lagged behind. Once we got to the top we saw an amazing view. Below us we saw the fields, woods, the town and roads, and then we had a wonderful feeling of inner freedom. The storks were flying above us, and in the background was a windmill. Children stood in awe, looked around, and everyone was shouting to tell us what they saw. There we rested and when we had some yummy snack we went down.

Remi-030We had another one very exiting trip on August 21st. This time the parents also took part in our outing. We prepared things for the picnic and were off. The children’s camp Gideon has welcomed us to spend a day on the see shore (village Aa).

When you come to this quite and remote place, you find yourself in a wonderland of comfort and kindness, where you are greeted by myriads of butterflies all around you. Kids’ joy had no end; they were free to do whatever they wanted. They could walk on the shore, play in the waves, throw rock into the sea, build sand castles, play with a ball, paint the rocks, swing on the swing, and even all together jump on the trampoline. The kids were having fun, and moms had a chance to rest from their daily cares. This is what so important, if the kids are having fun then the parents are happy. At the end of the day we released balloons that had children’s wishes on them.

Let everything that the kids dream of come true!