Sometimes it seems, that we are moving forward with steps of snails. We have to consider officials and workmens schedules. It all teaches patience, despite the obstacles look for solutions and request help. Going through these challenges I have met many helpful people and made lot of new contacts. 🙂 So I hope that our “puzzle” is becoming together.

ehitus uus 002In recent weeks we have seen a lot of work with documents, involved with two projects management. There was submission of the interim report of our first grant. I had to prepare and submit several additional materials and photos, to show that we are moving forward to work with children very soon.

Additional work was done with Ventilation system. Now it runs silently. This week new measurements will be done.

Construction work is going nicely – in front of the house is being built a strong and broad ramp, the interior spaces (offices and therapy rooms) will be ready at the end end of next week.

Until the ending of construction works, we will prepare for meetings with families and children. We will visit also with our caregivers, the Jõhvi rehabilitation hospital and the day care center for children with disabilities in Sillamäe.

We look forward to summer, when the days are filled with new activities, exciting meetings with new and old friends. Several cooperation plans are underway and a number of new born.

Some kindergarten kids are growing flowers that we will in June together plant in front of the Sunbeam building.

Linda Steed, Physical Therapist and Director of Global Outreach at the Little Light House in Tulsa, wants to help Sunbeam (with their team). The Little Light House is a Developmental Center for children with special needs.

They could help train or advise Sunbeam’s staff both formally or informally. They could help Identify the types of chairs or other seating support and good positions for the children. They can recommend simple adaptations of materials to make it Easier for Children to Participate in the class based materials are found locally. We are making partnership plans and arrangements. This option is very special and exiting for us, as highly experienced professionals are willing to share their experiences.