1On Valentine’s Day we visited the orphanage in Sillamäe and the day center for disabled children in Sillamäe. Pastor Artur gave to children gifts that were gathered by the Church’s members. Its nice tradition that we’ve had for many years.

The day center staff shared their experiences and showed us the facilities. In general, all rooms are simple and homey. So we are now greeting these different partner relationships. People from day-centres (like us), from schools and hospital are open to do cooperation in the future.

So lets hope…….as the house will be ready stone by stone, we will fulfill that life step-by-step 🙂

2In this week ended our open tender for construction work (our second grant). We chose the most advantageous offer. This company is experienced construction company, which has carried out a number of construction at schools, kindergartens and children’s camps.

We are in the last steps of formalizing agreements so work can begin. Mid-May is date when our rooms (offices and therapy rooms) should be complete!