Sunbeam has passed the final inspection and will receive the Certificate of Occupancy later this week! Program director Ursula Randlaine reports that everything is in very good shape. She and the staff have begun meeting with families and have finished the official program for the work; here she is in her new office with the program:


Ursula has done an excellent job navigating the complexities of opening Sunbeam. Not only has she started the program from the ground up, she’s also been actively involved in the renovation of the building, interviewing and hiring of the staff, writing & administering grants and coordinating with volunteers in Estonia and over seas. She, Artur Põld and Andres Toome deserve much praise for their selfless service.

The renovation of the interior is almost complete. In addition to finishing the group rooms, offices and therapy rooms, we’ve added a ramp to the front of the building. Below are pictures from last week. Some rooms are a little junky just now, but pretty much everything will be in order within the next week or so.