Looking Good:

I’ve just returned from a quick trip to Estonia where I saw the progress at Sunbeam. We’re finishing up one group room and making good progress on the other. As you can see, the kitchenette has been installed, and the “Green Room” is looking pretty good. The “Yellow Room” has a bit further to go.

Electricians are finalizing the fire alarm system, final connections are being made for the heating system (thermostats and controllers for the hydronic system), and fixtures are being installed in the bathrooms.

The kitchen and offices are still a wreck, but we’re hoping to get a grant early next year to finish that work.

That said, money is tight. The grants cover specific expenses, but we don’t have money to hire people who will do thing un-related to the program; we need to hire a maintenance man, someone who will keep a close eye on the facilities and do what needs doing (shoveling snow, making sure the building is open at the right times, etc). So, while we do have grants coming in, we also need free-will donations very much.

This month, we’ll hire the program staff, start meeting with parents, finalize inspections and get ready for opening the program in January. (Things always take longer than we’d like. . . . )

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