I haven’t reported much about one aspect of Sunbeam: our guest flat. We’ve wanted to create a place in the building where visiting guests can stay. To that end, we set aside some space on the second floor and over the past few months have been working on it. With one bedroom and a small living room, under a crunch we could sleep 4 people there, but it will be better for 2 or three people.

A team from St. James Methodist church in Athens, GA has made it possible to finish this project. During the summer, they did the lion’s share of the work, framing the walls, installing new window sills, and hanging the sheet rock (which was particularly tricky around the windows); they also provided funds for the electrical work, painting, floor prep and much more.

Just last week used flooring and a drop ceiling were donated by the city, so we’re in the final stages. We need to find kitchen fixtures to finish up.

Once it’s all done, our two interns will move in. Once they return to the States (early next year), the flat will be used to house anyone who visits Sunbeam. It will be a very nice apartment in the city center.