For some reason it was difficult. I don’t really know why, but there’s a great difference between preparing an event in Norway and in Russia. I mean, beyond obvious differences. Something inside of me responds very differently.  When I prepare a meeting in Norway, I feel anticipation, even excitement. I am driven, prayer flows smooth and easy, I literally feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, I walk with Jesus and I see it clearly. It is still difficult and challenging, but something inside is taking it this way.

It’s all different when I prepare a meeting in Russia. It’s physically difficult to pray, struggling to break through darkness, even through personal depression. I feel incapable; I have to fight passivity and various kinds of fear. I’m not complaining, but trying to give some insight of what it feels like to me.

IMG_2729This time was not much different. The only difference was that I was preparing this Camp with another guy, Seva. He has been attending all our meetings and camps for last at least three years, helping as a cook. This time he took two very important topics: The Heart of a Man and Two Adams (The Work of Christ). That was a great joy for me to see him willing to take more responsibility. One more difficulty this time was that I was away most of the time before the Camp, and arrived only two days before it started. Seva did a good job organizing preparations for the camp in Murmansk Church.

So, here are some facts. There were 31 men altogether, from the Murmansk region, Saint Petersburg and even Montenegro. This is the record so far.

On the way to the camp we stopped in the village of Teriberka, a remote and very depressing fisherman’s village. We spread out around the village and prayed for everybody we saw. In most cases, people didn’t mind prayer for them. They were surprised that we were doing it for free, that we were doing that right there on the street.

DSC_7574We spent 4 days out in Tundra. We hiked 20+ km. We talked about The Heart of man, The Larger Story (The Story we live in), The Creation of Man, The Fall and its consequences for man (The Poser), The two Adams (The work of Christ), The All Alone Wound (Friendship). We spent a lot of time just sharing with each other, praying for each other, having fun together. In the end we had prayer time for personal needs and issues. We placed a seat in the middle, and whoever wanted to be prayed for, took this seat, confessed his problems/sins and everybody prayed for him. That was a great time of vulnerability, openness and the presence of God. Many wounds were healed during this time. An unsaved guy from Olenegorsk prayed the first time in his life there. He returned home from the Camp saved! Praise God, there are men there who will help him to walk with the Lord.

DSCN9782Saturday evening we all went swimming in the Barents Sea. Water temperature there was around 43F. To warm a little we built a huge bonfire on the beach.

There were 3 other groups in this harbor this time, so we could pray for them and share the Gospel with them. That was a new experience for us. Usually there’s nobody else in this place.

This was our 6th Camp in Murmansk region. Although it was extremely difficult and tiring to prepare, it was a big blessing.  I saw The Father in action, and that is the greatest joy and the reason for everything.

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