Sarah is one of our three interns this summer. We welcome her into the Stoneworks family:

Hello everyone! My name is Sarah Cole and I come from Athens, Georgia, the land of red dirt, which I have been happy to call my home for the past 17 years!

Here are few fun facts about me:

·      I am currently finishing 11th grade in school

·      My favorite subjects are science and Latin

·      I enjoy breaking out into song and dance whenever an opportunity affords its self -which is always!

·      I enjoy laughing at horrible jokes

·      My favorite food is bagels and cream cheese (which is probably the most important fact).

Photo for Stoneworks BioGod has given me a wonderful family whom I treasure very dearly: My dad Glenn [a Stoneworks board member], my mom Kelly, and my older sister, Hannah. They are all a big part of who I am, and they challenge me daily to seek to Lord and to honor Him in all that I do. Those life lessons take place amongst random outbursts of singing and crazy shenanigans.

While there has never been a time in my life that I haven’t known about Jesus, it was really at the age of 7 that God gripped my heart and allowed me to put my trust in Jesus to save me from my sin. Many people in my life have encouraged me to not only rely on Jesus as my savior, but also to walk with him everyday. This has not been an easy journey, but as I learn to abide in the Lord he gives me strength.

Most recently, God had directed my attention to a country that is so small that you have to squint to see it on Google Earth. I initially learned about Estonia in February 2014 when my mom told me about a mission’s team from my church, St. James UMC, that was going there, and then she asked me to pray to see if I felt called to go with her on the trip.

Up to this point in my life, I never considered going on an international missions trip, and honestly, I never had a desire to go because I was scared of the unknown. I always thought “Hmmm… well that seems great, but I don’t really think God wants me involved in international missions.” However, God’s kingdom is not a kingdom ruled by fear, so God called me to go anyway. So I went.

Let me tell you, that God completely changed my heart. Even though I was only in Estonia for two weeks, I could tell that God deeply cares for the people there, and that he wants me to do the same. Now, an entire year later, I am prepared to go back to serve the Lord and the people in Estonia, and I am doing this not out of fear, but out of the love and joy of the Holy Spirit. I am trusting that Jesus has a plan for the work, but even more importantly that He will change lives through the power of the gospel.

Hope this gives you some insight into me and my calling to Estonia! Thanks for reading. 🙂