News from Liz Hulley

In the end of October I received my temporary residency permit, which is valid for 3 years. This was the end of a 10-month process which began in January with a race to get in under the quota, and culminated in several back-to-back rounds of standing in long lines as my 90-day visa headed towards expiry.

I also came down with tonsillitis towards the end and I know it was the prayers of many of you and my church here that carried me through. It then took about a month for me to get my strength back. As you can probably imagine, it is quite a feeling to look at the stamps in my passport and remember what it took to get them.

Interestingly, my ministry has been focused mainly on one orphanage this fall. Although I had fellowship with some kids from other orphanages while my dad was visiting in early November, #8 has been my main destination.

The counselors are welcoming and take good care of me and I tutor some of them in English individually. The kids are dear despite their difficulties and I always look forward to spending time with them. A few that I especially prayed for are being adopted by American families.

One Russian woman from a local church is seeking custody of two siblings (a third is already graduating). Of course we pray for the doors to be opened for more local Christians to become involved so that more kids can experience having a family. Just the other day we were sitting at dinner and one of the teenage boys was being so goofy and I wished someone could see what a fun person he is and give him a home.