Here’s a quick update from Liana Põld, Executive Director of Sunbeam.

The construction work continues at Sunbeam. Here you can see the pictures. Sadly, I think by 1 June we will not be ready to open.

Elena and Ursula work every day in the office; we plan our future work, prepare documents, etc. Ursula is working with Sirli in the city administration. Together with Elena they are writing grant proposals to get operating funds from different sources.

Also, we are organizing an Open House on 1 June. We are inviting people, making a little program, will have a concert, and if some children come we are ready to do activities with them, crafts, games…

Sunbeam is entering the final part of the first phase of renovation, preparing to open the doors. Hopefully we’ll be up and running in June or early July. We are in need of financial support for operating expenses. If you’d like to support this project (or any other Stoneworks program) please visit our Support page.

Ursula and Jelena at work in the office
the walls are being prepped for painting

the tiling is done in one of the new bathrooms
new window sills in the kitchen
prepping for tile in the second bathroom
we’ve removed the old, rotten porch on the side entrance


Ursula and Jelena, good co-workers in service of children with disabilities