MIR and Spring of Revival play important roles in the ministry of Stoneworks.  MIR serves as an on-site resource in Russia for letters of invitation, registrations, and contacts for transportation and interpreting services.  It provides occasional fellowship and counsel for Stoneworks workers.  During the summer MIR serves as our representative for team administration.

Spring of Revival (SOR) provides on-site administrative support on location in Belarus.  The unique circumstance with SOR is that Stoneworks is not able to have American workers in Belarus, so it is the staff of SOR who ably carry out the ministry.


MIR is a chartered Russian non-profit charity which sponsors annually several hundred people on short term trips.  It helps in the transfer of funds for humanitarian aid and oversees on-going programs.  Stoneworks provides general funds to MIR through a grant.  Stoneworks also receives donations for several MIR programs.

Spring of Revival

SPRING OF REVIVAL (SOR) is a chartered Belarusian non-profit charity which actively ministers in four orphanages in the Minsk region.  They have a paid staff of three as well as many volunteers who serve orphanages and summer camps.