Dear coworkers in the Kingdom,

As many you already know we are on our Sabbatical time in States from March 7th.

Our first stage is just finished. We stayed in Athens, GA for two and half months with great host – Jane, the lady that is involved in much of prayer for people in need for inner healing. We had opportunity to listen many teachings on this subject and get better insight how to pray and how to recognize the need for that kind of ministry in people’s lives.

We had also great opportunity to meet people from St. James church, to be encouraged by “old” friends and have privilege to meet new brothers and sisters. What is great blessing for us is the fact that this church is not just sending small short-term mission teams but also they are interested to form steering comity in order to help in purchasing the land in Montenegro for future camp. We all together pray that the Lord would lead and develop this idea so that the land could be bought in near future and have impact for all age’s people in Montenegro. Unfortunately the land in  Montenegro is very expensive so who ever is interested in helping in this project please let me know in order to give more specific directions.

During this period we had privilege to meet people that we didn’t imagine to meet. One of them is Brian, a man who has vision to help the mission simply through selling the coffee. You can get more information on web <> where is explained how this vision is functioning in practice to make a great impact. If you would like to support our ministry in Montenegro simply through ordering coffee for yourself or for the church you can go to We are praying that this ministry would be partner for possible future coffee house in Montenegro.

We are praying for the church in Podgorica, MNE which is facing their challenges of transition. We are praying to be able to over come all temptations and just stand fast in the Lord for His glory. Pray for Popov couple, Magy (real name Zelimir) and his wife Klara who are taking care for the church in our absence, to have strength and wisdom in leading the whole body of believers.

As we continue in our journey, pray that the Lord would lead us to have blessed time in fellowshipping first with Him, getting know Him better. We pray that the Lord would give us clear guidance for the ministry once we will be back again to Montenegro.

We want to thank to all our faithfully supporters, for your understanding of this special time where we have great rest, opportunity to learn more practical lessons and make alignment for the future ministry.

In His love,

Vladimir and Marijana