We are pleased to announce that the past six months of our work has led to good progress in the development of the children at Sunbeam, our center for children with disabilities in Estonia.

monica-002When eighteen-year Monica first joined us, she was immobile and in great need of help. She slept a lot and stayed in a most unhappy mood. A year later, we witness noticeable changes. Now she moves much more, uses her hands and is able to hold a spoon and a cup. In her eyes, we see much more comprehension and a desire to communicate. Now she happily greets us every morning.

In young children, too, we see changes. Our rowdy boys are learning to communicate and make friends, they’re learning how to behave in town; they are becoming calmer and more self-reliant. Many are engaged in creative work, construction and sports games. We see significantly less aggression and more laughter and fun.

Thankfully, our work is having a beneficial effect on the children as we continue to gain experience and try to take into account the individuality of each child. Our staff together with assistants, parents, teachers, school, physiotherapists and other professionals help each child to move forward and enjoy life.

Wonderful Summer Days

sunbeam-gideon-004Summer passed quickly, and it has taken a long time to share our news. The most awaited event for the children and parents happened in July. Camp Gideon, together with a mission team from Stoneworks (all good friends of the town of Jõhvi), once again welcomed us to their beautiful place.

The weather was sunny and warm. The children spent a lot of time on the beach. They were happy to play in the water, build castles, bury each other in the sand, sculpt figurines of clay, make charcoal drawing on the rocks, fly kites, have picnics, and even dress as Indians.

sunbeam-gideon-003It was time for many activities, organized with the help of our volunteers. Children with their parents participated in creative workshops, and enjoyed active games, jumping on the trampoline in the playground, playing in a small pool or, if desired, just relaxing, enjoying nature. Some went fishing or sat in a small cafe after a hot day and ate ice cream.

Especially memorable was the last night before leaving for home, when we all gathered around a campfire. At first the children staged a small puppet show, and then the girls danced on stage with colored ribbons, and the rest played small musical instruments and tred to play different rhythms. The adults, meanwhile, prepared a variety of sweets and treats.

These four days in nature gave us many positive emotions. At the end of camp we all made a large poster. Each participant left their mark in memory of this wonderful summer tour.

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