Dear friends in Christ,

The summer is behind us! We are heading toward Christmas and New Year’s events…

I would like to turn our sight to recent past and briefly update what was happening in second part of summer.

Kids’ Camp

text + picIn the beginning of month July, cooperating with CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) was organized kid’s camp (age 6-12). There is history of already 10 consecutive years of this kind of camp but what is unique with this is the fact this was the biggest and with highest percentage of kids coming for fist time. One third of 32 present kids were there for the first time. This news is maybe not big excitement for those who are in long history of Christian’s camps, but in the country with only about 250-300 evangelical Christians it shows that 1/10 of total evangelical population was gathered at this camp!

Now we have beside Miruska, another couple, Lazar and Izabela, who went through CEF course how to work with kids as also through Bible school in Belgrade to be equipped for this great ministry. We are trying to expand this activity to other cities too, and we need your prayer support.

Activities at the church

Family meetings

In order to have quality time as church that want to nurture life of fellowship and understanding, once a month we have special time of all church members for 2-3 hours where we want to cover internal potential problems, future plans, sharing burdens etc.

text + pic2Meeting for Ministry Workers

Once a month we started to have meetings that are dedicated to those who are working in certain ministry at the church. We understand that those who are giving they also need to receive. There is special need to receive encouragement in area of leadership; to learn how to lead. Throughout history, this part of the world knows many dictators, and many people are infected by that mentality, even in church ministry. We want to equip people to know how to lead as shepherd that will take care of those who are following instead of ruling over them.

Men’s meetings

text + pic3Last Saturday we had first men’s meeting! There were 12 of us! This is something totally new in our church and there was real excitement to continue with this. We realizing that we need to be obedient to God in area of manhood and take responsibilities that God gave to man.

Need for New Space

We are slowly growing and our space for the meetings starting to be small. More and more of us are in unity that we need to look for something bigger. This is good problem as many would say, but also the prices in Podgorica are pretty high in any means. Renting or buying… ether way is expensive.

We would like to buy some bigger house where we could have meeting space for 100 people, flat for guests / teams and also a corner for us to live. In this way we would unite our expenses for living and expenses for the church.

For this reason we are asking you to pray for this need, because this is something that is beyond our ability to do by ourselves.

Anyone who would like to join the strength in doing something toward this goal please let me know. There are different possibilities that could be of help for us and I would rather discus about it personally.

Many special thanks to those who are diligently supporting us by prayer and financially. We know that our ultimate giver is the Lord, but thank you for your open heart and hand to allow us to do this ministry free from burden of daily job.  We are honored and humbled by that.

Yours in Christ,

Vladimir and Marijana