Here’s an update from Vladimir Cizmanski, pastor of the Brethren Assembly in Podgorica —

Stolen Minibus

Some of you know that a few months ago someone broke into our house while we were travelling in Serbia. Only a few small things were taken, but these included the key to the minibus parked outside. The thief drove off the minibus during the day and drove about 500 km.

We were in two minds about what would happen because we had heard how some vehicles get disassembled and transported to neighboring countries. We reported the theft to the police, and for several days we didn’t have any information. We prayed that the Lord would restore it to us because it was so significant in several of the ministries that we are involved in. We had received it as a gift from God and it wasn’t clear to us why the Lord had allowed this theft.

While the investigation was under way something very positive happened: two of our neighbors with whom we have good relationships had not talked to each other for years – they had quarreled about land ownership – basically both of them wanted to help us in this situation.

While the police were supposed to arrive and make an inventory of the stole items they were ‘forced’ to start a conversation and in this way one of them invited the other for coffee. This was a sign of reconciliation! Several days later one of them approached me with a joyful and smiling face and said: I have made peace with my neighbor!

Another thing was that really had good opportunities to talk to various inspectors who came to our house about God because they all asked me what I did as a job. Maybe this is an answer to why this all happened – a renewal of friendship and witnessing to people who we would otherwise not be able to reach.

The Lord caused our minibus to be found and returned with only slight damage, praise the Lord.

Book Fair

We decided to take the step to be on public show and to make contact with people through this event. There were many interesting comments and reactions which encourage us that the heavens above Montenegro are opening more and more. We believe that the Lord is preparing the opening of many hearts which will in the near future follow Jesus Christ are their Lord.

This was also a good exercise for us to be sharing the Good News as a team and fellowship.

Lazar and Izabela

We rejoice that one more Christian marriage has been made in Montenegro. Lazar, who has been in our fellowship since 2006, decided to marry Izabela (22) from Kikinda, Serbia, who gave her life to Christ when she was 15. They need our prayers to find good jobs and live independent of help from other people.


We rejoice at Milivoje’s decision to follow Christ as his Lord and Savior. This man, who has gone through many unpleasant things in his life but always with a positive attitude and spirit, now has one more true dimension to his life.

He has socialized for a long time with Nedeljko (a member of the fellowship) who told him the gospel. However, besides the faith that he had in Jesus as his Savior he was emotionally rooted in the Orthodox religion into which he had been born.

One day the book “Orthodoxy Enlightened by the Gospel” came into his hands. He quickly read it and then everything clicked into place. He became aware of the background of the religion and traditions which are practiced and decided that he would no longer take part in them. Now he is a free man who loves the Lord, who comes to our meetings regularly and who wants to be baptized soon. We believe that his life experience will be a great encouragement to the fellowship.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

In Christ’s love

Vladimir and Marijana