We started a new men’s group in Kirovsk/Apatity in Feb. It started unexpectedly.


A man from Kirovsk who I didn’t know before (and still don’t know in person) called me. He had questions about issues in his life and was looking for help. We talked for a while on the phone, and he invited me to come and have a bigger men’s meeting in his church. It sounded like a good idea, and we set up the dates. I also ivited the men who I knew from Kirovsk and Apatity (those 2 towns are very close to each other). Finally, the man who initiated all that, got really sick and had to go to the hospital for 3 weeks, and missed the meeting. It was difficult for me to go, too, because my son had an eye infection and couldn’t go with me.

But when I eventually got there, we had a great time. There were men from 3 churches, all different, who didn’t know each other. We spent some time on the lake during a snowstorm, got tired, after that we had dinner together and an amazing sauna.

After all that activity we sat around the table, had some tea and started conversation. Even though we saw each other the 1st time, it was a very deep and meaningful conversation. I shared about complete accountability groups, what they are and how they work; also told about the men’s ministry in general, its purpose. The men shared their struggles and concerns, their expectation about this ministry in the future.

We have decided to meet regularly. The next meeting is scheduled for Sat, April 19. Also that weekend we have a men’s and a women’s groups in Monchegorsk, and I’m preaching in Monchegorsk Church Sun 20.


Masha organized and led a women’s Conference in March 8. She invited Angela Sokolova from Saint Pete, the wife of Igor Sokolov, the pastor who was one of the speakers in our men’s conference in December. Masha and Angela did a great job. Masha gathered women from 5 towns of the region, over 50 women in general. Angela shared great message. Tanya Makarchuk, the wife of Peter, the Bishop here, and other ladies from Olenegorsk and Murmansk made a very effective team which helped organize the meeting.

We took Angela to our home, and she had to cross the guardpost in the trunk of the car because they didn’t issue a pass for her. That was fun))

DSCN4822I just returned home from Arkhangelsk. The Bishop from this region, Sergey Latyshev, invited me to start a men’s ministry there. He gathered men from 3 local churches, and we had 2 meetings with men – on Friday and Saturday, and I also spoke in his church on Sunday. I left teaching materials for small men’s groups for them, and will help them as they meet over the internet, by Skype and at webinars.

Some pastors from other towns were there and one of them invited me to his church to help start men’s ministry. So maybe I will need to travel to Arkhangelsk area from time to time.

Here’s a link to video of worship at one of the meetings.

Today I am going to Norway, with my family this time, and I love that! I’m going to meet with Arne, the Lutheran priest, in order to prepare the retreat in May. I’m also planning to have meetings with other local ministers. On Saturday, March 29, we will have another men’s group meeting in Vadso, Norway.

That’s all, besides other routine meetings and translation and other work here.