Dear co-soldiers of His kingdom.

It looks like yesterday when we were distributing shoeboxes. And now we are close to the half of the year. In the mean time many good and interesting things have happened.

1First generation of Graduates

Last time I sent short report of the beginning 12 lectures of Discipleship designed by Samaritan’s Purse for those kids that wanted to attend it after distribution. Our CEF workers did great job. Every time there was about 25 kids.

For graduation we prepared special Sunday service where few parents came to see graduation ceremony. They also could hear short message and testimony of person who grew up in Christian home.

For some parents it was first time coming to the church meeting.

World Racers

For whole month of March we were hosting for the first time US & Canadian team from organization World Racers. Seven young people were great help and blessing to us. They were hard workers, from very simple mechanic work to being spiritual warriors.  We recognized that they came on right time because we needed to pack 40,000 small bags with seeds that will be distributed as Evangelic track with organization Every Home for Christ (local name Peace to Your Home). This work took good amount of time but without this team it would take us 10x more.

Evangelical Montenegro Meeting 14.March Nikšić

After a pause in 2014 we had annual Montenegrin conference of Evangelical churches and believers. It was encouragement to see bigger local body of Christ. There is still such small number of people who are Montenegrins (who are born here) There were total number, about 130 people, half of the number were foreigners and about 30-40 of those who came from ex-Yugoslav republics as refugee or ministry workers. So there is lot of work to be done in future.

The conference theme was: Working Together United. This was good challenge for all of us because divisions and unity problems are present even in small churches.

Prayer wall for Montenegro

At the Conference I presented the idea of “Prayer Wall”. When I heard of this idea few months ago I had strong drive to present it to the whole church body in MNE. The basic idea is this: one week has 168 hours. If we could have 168 people who would dedicate one hour in a week to pray for Montenegro, we could cover 24/7 with prayer for this needy country. So we named it as “MonteWall” project. After the meeting, about 40 people signed! Isn’t it great? I was so encouraged! Even after the conference people were asking for more instructions. There are still about 100 hours free to sign. Some people are taking few hours to cover more of time. One young man told me: “when I started to pray I didn’t know what to pray and I thought who can manage to pray for the whole hour, but it passed so quickly that I prayed even more than one hour”. The other person told me: “this hour became so sacred to me”. Wow.

If you are interested to join and help us for MonteWall prayer, please contact me. Even if it would be for short period of time it would be so helpful.

2Easter program

When we had Christmas program, on our questioner sheet, we had option if people are interested to come for Easter program. 103 families marked their interest, but about 15 came.

We still had two programs that was kind of continuality of the Christmas story but with emphases that Jesus died on our place. After programs we tried to keep the group to stay longer with us so we prepared for them some refreshment. We had another questionnaire with a few questions and most of them showed interest for seminar for marriage and parenting. Hopefully we will be able to organize it in the fall.

Every Home for Christ / Peace to Your Home

3At last we started this valuable ministry in Montenegro. We are late few months but on May 5th started official distribution of tracts in Podgorica. We are praying that this ministry will reach many people at least with information what is the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. This ministry needs so much prayer. Nedeljko (at left), responsible person for distribution is keen to take tracts to all parts of the country. There are 20% of Muslims and they need to hear the Gospel. Also pray for people that can join to Nedeljko to be pared as Jesus sent two by two to the mission fields.

Teenage Camp

We are planning to have teenage camp on July 22nd -29th. The need for scholarship for these youngsters would be very welcomed. We are going to charge 30 euro per person but some of the teens will not have even that amount because of poor family situation or single mom raising them up. If you would like to donate please let me know. If you are from the US you can send your gift through Stoneworks International (by check or online).  After choosing Montenegro and “Brethren Assembly youth” please write a note: “teen camp 2015”

Thank you for reading this news letter all through and for your prayers.

Thanks to all of you who are faithfully supporting us whether monthly or occasionally, we are really blessed by your care. It is great to know that we are partnering in this spiritual battle.

May the joy of the Lord be your strength,

Vlaidmir and Marijana