Beloved brother and sisters,

VioletaAs some of you may or may not know, my name is Violeta and I have been youth leader in a local church in Podgorica, Montenegro for quite some time now.

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to go to the Mission-Net conference that gathers young believers from all over Europe. I was the only Montenegrin there but still I was greatly encouraged seeing such a huge group of believers praising our Lord together!

Ever since I shared this experience with our youth group and we have collected money for it in church as I really wanted to see some of them go next time this was happening.

Well Mission-Net 2013/2014 is approaching and unfortunately we don’t have all the funds we need! We trust God will provide, it might be through some of you, so if you are willing you probably know how. We are grateful and we would really appreciate your prayers above all!

Below you can find some of the words of the kids who would love to go to Mission Net. You can take a look, pray and if you feel like you would love to support some of them. You can go the Stoneworks Support Page and donate online by choosing “MNE – Youth Ministry” or if you live in the USA you can send a check to Stoneworks and write “RWR –Conference” on the memo line of your check.  Support that is needed for each kid is 100 euros ($135).

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me via email: [email protected].

Thank you so much for you love and support.

In Christ’s Love

Violeta Pavetic

Words from the Youth who want to attend the conference —

We are three sisters:  Kristina (age 19), Jovana (age 18) and Andjela (age 16) Merdovic.

Merdovici“We come from small European country Montenegro. In our country there aren’t many Christians. We have been going to church for over ten years. However our parents are not very supportive of that as they are not believers. That is one of the reasons we need financial support in order to attend Mission-Net conference in Germany. We rarely get a chance to share of our faith with people our age. So going to this conference would be such a great experience for us. We would be able to hear of different perspectives of young believers and share our own testimonies.”

Andjela Simunovic (age 18)

Andjela“I am from Montenegro, from a town called Niksic. I am a part of the local Christian church in my town, and trough the youth group I have heard about Mission-net conference. I would like to go to this conference to hear more about God, to meet new people, to get encouraged. There are a few believers in my country and especially young people, so it would be big encouragement to go to this conference”

Boris Mutavdzic (age 16)

Boris“My name is Boris Mutavdzic. I am 16 years old, i am from Podgorica, Montenegro. I went to church since I was a kid. That is where I heard about God, Now I am part of youth group. I want to go to conference in Germany because I want to meet different people, different cultures and to hear new testimonies and opinions about God. There are not many young Christians in my town or my school. That is why it would be nice to go to this conference.”

Bogdan Pavlovic (age 16)

Bogdan“I got to know Lord Jesus Christ at about the age of 10 . Since then, God hasn’t stopped showing me how great, loving and amazing He is. My love for the Lord has grown also, and I got baptized in May this year. In Montenegro, where I live, there aren’t many young Christians, so I really enjoyed at a couple of summer Christian camps for teenagers that I have attended so far. They have been so valuable for my faith, and I had a great time there, too. When the youth leaders in our church told us about the youth conference in Germany, I was so excited about it. I immediately loved the idea of getting together with THOUSANDs of young people from different countries to worship God, to get to know him better, to meet other young Christians, to visit new places.”

Vukojicic Bojan (age 17)

Bojan“I am from Bijelo Polje, Montenegro. I want to go on the congress to meet some new believers, and to learn something new about Christ. I think it will be very important for making my spiritual life”

Vukojicic Vladan, (age 16)

VladanBijelo Polje, Montenegro. “I’d like to go on the congress to hang out with other Christians, and to learn something i didn’t knew earlier. For me it would be a new experience and big encouragement!”

Radivoje Vilotijevic (age 16)


“I am from Niksic, Montenegro. It’s been a while since I started coming to different Bible studies and camps that are organized by Christian churches. I would like to attend Mission-Net because I think that conference can have good impact on my life with God and bring me to good changes in my life.”

Blessings to all of you from Montenegro!!!