Sunbeam Director Ursula Randlaine reports:

telefonist 039Our second grant was approved! This gives us the possibility to finish construction work in the other facilities [main entrance, offices, kitchen, therapy rooms]. The total grant is €36,077.50: €30,665.90 from the federal government and €5,411.60 from city government of Jõhvi.

Step by step we are moving towards opening the first group room.

Church volunteers helped build a beautiful wardrobe for the children; they also fitted the sink, installed blinds, etc. The painting has ended in the hallway, and the ceiling is in place. So the overall impression is more beautiful with each passing day.

An adtelefonist 038aptation center for unemployed is also helping us, painting and preparing.

My meetings with families and staff candidates have begun. We continue the ongoing process for obtaining the license. Andres [ board member] and I met with officials, and we will put together all the necessary paperwork: construction materials certificates, water samples, and many other interesting things. 🙂

The employment office in Jõhvi donated a sofa, information stands, and document folders. It is pleasure to have become a part of  small and large acts of kindness in every day. Our partner relationships are evolving.

I contacted the organizers of our first grant. I let them know about our activities. They encouraged us and said that things are moving in a positive direction.