Here’s an update from Alina Pizhova, a Russian foster parent. You can support her by visiting the Stoneworks support page:

Hello friends!

How are you these days? Busy before the holidays?!!

We are doing alright in general; finishing the semester at school. Danik is really enjoying the courses of French language. It took us about 340 dollars to pay for the two months fee and the text book (they required the first payment for two months) and further on we are going to pay 135 dollars for each month. I am working a lot these days and have almost finished the script, hopefully soon and will be able to pay the debts we had to borrow in order for Danik to be able to take the course on French.

He really likes the courses on French, he is really happy he fell in love with France. Their teacher tells them a lot about France and history, they learn songs in French and he has already learned some phrases and is able to speak a little bit, so the courses are really good. At the end of this school year they have a task at school to write an essey. He taked to the French teacher and decided to write on a subject ” The Language influenced by history” on the basis of English and French. So personally I think that he is very gifted to study languages and this course is what he needs.

My mum is coming to visit with us for the New Year. And How are you going to celebrate Christmas and a New Year’s Eve? We are going to celebrate Christmas with the church and did some rehearsing during our homegroup. Nastya is going to sing and I will help her. Danik was also singing for us.

On our shopping list we have winter boots and a winter hat for Anastasia. Praise God it is quite warm these days and winter is not rushing to come.

Wishing blessings to you all! Thank you so much for your prayers!!

Hugs from us


Danik and Anastasia